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There is a (relatively) new app that is being regarded as the next big thing – The Sidney Crosby to Wayne Gretzky, the Gillete Mach 5 to the straight blade, Facebook to Myspace. Snapchat is that next big app. Made

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Mashups – a musical, wonderful, legal mess.

Music – I love music. Every bit of it. The rise, the fall, the good, the bad, the hard, the soft, the classics, the futuristic groundbreaking sounds that “those darn kids listen to.” I just can’t get enough. If only

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Is Facebook Sharing Caring?

Facebook. The land of procrastination, reconnection, judgement, popularity, and interests. It is also home to many friends from high school, public school, home towns, universities, across the sea, and to many more non friends – creepers, stalkers, frenemies, trollers, hackers,

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